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Penguin Profiles

A new series we started on TKCPC is Penguin Profiles. Penguin Profiles showcase the opinions of important figures in the Club Penguin community. These interview will normally involve 6-8 questions what they think of Club Penguin. The questions can range from how they think a party was that month and the future of Club Penguin to controversies in the Club Penguin community. Below are all of our Penguin Profiles we've featured on TKCPC.

Dj Stores
Full Interview:

In the most candid interview yet, Dj Stores reveals his straightforward opinions on some of the most controversial topics in the Club Penguin Community. The first question I was able to ask Dj was about the Club Penguin HQ. He was able to visit the Club Penguin HQ, so we wanted his take on how special it was to actually see what's happening behind the scenes. We also asked about Animal Jam. He gave us a very straightforward answer on why Club Penguin outpaces Animal Jam. We even were able to get some insight on why his website, PengFeed, is so success. All of this and much more with Dj Stores in our latest interview on TKCPC.

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In this month's new Penguin Profile, we feature Tomisino1. The former Penguin of the Week winner back in 2015 has always been known as one of the nicest people ever to talk to in the Club Penguin Community. Tomisino1 has only been blogging since 2015 however, it feels like forever. His blog is reminds me of a tradition Club Penguin Blog back in the early days of Club Penguin. Simply and neat. That is what makes his blog great and fun to visit. His opinion is always so well put on certain posts which made for an interesting interview. In today's interview, we talk about some of the more key issues on Club Penguin. We discuss if Club Penguin is unfairly handing exclusives to bloggers, where he believes Project Super Secret is headed, and his opinion on the current state of the Club Penguin management.

Full Interview:

In this month's Penguin Profile, we have someone who I've known for a little bit now and have become good friends with. That person is Sniffybear2. Sniffy is known for his once popular blog, Club Penguin Woods, he blogged about Club Penguin since 2012 and continues to be active on Twitter. Now I got the chance to ask him his opinion on the community, Project Super Secret, and the upcoming Club Penguin Elections.

Full Interview:

A new installment of Penguin Thoughts showcases Spd61CP's opinions on Club Penguin from the past toward 2016. This former blogger and Youtuber is beloved in the Club Penguin community for his thoughts, ideas, and friendliness towards others. Today in an interview he was able to tell me his thoughts with the on going controversy with Riyita and Club Penguin itself. Also, how he sees the Club Penguin community today.

Full Interview:

Recently, I was able to conduct an interview with Pup1one about his thoughts on some certain topics. The renown Youtube maker and 2015 Penguin of the Year has always been open to discussing issues about Club Penguin. I was able to ask him about Project Super Secret and what impact he believe it will make. Also, who he prefers, Billybob or Spike Hike. Plus, his importance on the community.

Babymario DS
Full Interview:

You go on Club Penguin and see people have igloo likes that have never been imaginable. When Club Penguin introduced igloo likes in 2012, it gave advertisers on Club Penguin something to look forward too, which were likes. It's rare, but there are people out there that have gotten 100,000 igloo likes. But, there is someone out there that knows a thing or two about igloo likes. In his old account he had 180,000 likes. And just recently, with his new account, has gotten 102,000 likes. Babymario DS explains the secret into getting these igloo likes.

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