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Club Penguin Mascots


Rockhopper is a pirate captain who comes and goes from Club Penguin, sailing the seas with his puffle Yarr in search of treasure and adventure.

Favorite snacks: Stinky Cheese and Cream Soda

Favorite game: Treasure Hunt

Random facts:

  •  Rockhopper built his own pirate ship, the Migrator.
  • He sailed the 7 Seas!
  • He has his very own companion, Yarr, a red puffle. 
  • He has his own Island, Rockhopper Island, where we are currently not able to visit just yet.
  • Rockhopper loves Cream Soda and Stinky Cheese!
  • Every time Rockhopper visits, he usually brings new rare treasure for us to purchase from his ship, the Migrator.

Typical Parties- Fall Fair, any Pirate party, Holiday Party

Credits for Information: Disney Interactive
Aunt Arctic:

Aunt Arctic is the Chief Editor and advice columnist for the Club Penguin Times. Every week she answers questions sent to her by penguins from around the island.

Favorite snack: Tea and scones

Favorite games: Mancala and Find Four

Random facts:

  • She has an entire wardrobe full of pink beanies
  • She first started writing for the newspaper in May 2006
  • She loves trivia, and getting the scoop on the island's parties and events
  • How to write to Aunt Arctic: To send Aunt Arctic a question, or to help contribute to the newspaper by submitting your jokes or riddles, go to the back page of the newspaper.
Typical Parties- Anniversary Party, anything with newspaper, Penguin Cup

Credits for Information: Disney Interactive


Gary is a prolific and eccentric inventor. He leads a double-life as the brilliant gear specialist G, a high-ranking Elite Penguin Force Agent.

Favorite snack: Fish dish pizza

Favorite game: Chess

Random facts:

  • He collects insects
  • He's a big fan of the film Night of the Living Sled
  • He has built lots of the technology around the island, including: the Clock Tower at the Snow Forts, the Pizzatron 3000, jet packs in Jet Pack Adventure, and the Aqua-Grabber
  • The Clock Tower is connected with many other inventions. The Clock Tower is an important asset of the island and is needed for all inventions around the island to work properly.

Typical Parties- Marvel, Halloween Party, Medieval Party, Prehistoric Party, anything to do with inventions/machines, EPF Parties.

Credits for Information: Disney Interactive

Puffle Handler:

PH is a wilderness and puffle expert. She has an infectious enthusiasm for adventure and lives for new puffle discoveries. She often gets into dangerous situations but always uses her training to get herself out.

Favorite snack: O'berries (Even though they're puffle food)

Favorite game: Puffle Round Up

Random facts:

  • She has one pet puffle - Pete
  • She trains all the Elite Puffles for the EPF
  • She discovered three of the puffle species: the brainy brown puffle, the majestic rainbow puffle, and the lucky gold puffle.

Typical Parties- Puffle Party, anything to do with Puffles

Credits for Information: Disney Interactive

Penguin Band:
The Penguin Band played their first gig as a full band at the 2006 Western Party - and they've been rocking out ever since!
The Penguin Band has four members:
  • Stompin' Bob - Hard-rocking guitarist. He's extremely loyal and incredibly intense.
  • G Billy - Strong silent drummer. He's the founding member and grounding force of the band.
  • Petey K - Plays every instrument under the sun. He's got boundless energy and brings crazy humor to the band.
  • Franky - Lead singer and piano player. He's obsessive about sounds, mixing and fixing instruments. He brings energy and brains to the band.

Music: The Penguin Band has released several songs:

  • Anchor's Aweigh
  • Ghosts Just Wanna Dance (with DJ Cadence)
  • Cool in the Cold (with DJ Cadence)
  • Gotta Have a Wingman (with DJ Cadence)
  • Best Day Ever (with DJ Cadence)

Typical Parties- Music Jam, anything that has to do with Music, concerts etc.

Credits For Infomation: Disney Interactive

DJ Cadence is a passionate singer, world-famous DJ, and epic choreographer. She loves to express herself and be the center of attention, taking the party with her wherever she goes.

Favorite snack: Grapefruit

Favorite games: DJ3K and Dance Contest

Random fact: Her purple puffle is named Lolz, because she brings the lolz (laughter)!

Music: DJ Cadence has released several singles:

  • The Party Starts Now!
  • Ghosts Just Wanna Dance (with The Penguin Band)
  • Cool in the Cold (with The Penguin Band)
  • Gotta Have a Wingman (with The Penguin Band)
  • Party in My Iggy
  • Best Day Ever (with The Penguin Band)
  • Puffle Shuffle
  • You've Got This

Typical Parties- Music Jam, anything with music

Credits For Infomation: Disney Interactive

Rookie is an earnest, but sometimes fumbling secret agent whose good intentions rarely go to plan. He brings a special gift to the EPF squad - he can speak fluent crab.

Rookie's called into action for PSA and EPF missions, like the top secret Operation: Herbert's Revenge. He's always eager to protect the island, even if he sometimes makes mistakes.

Favorite snack: Sardines and jam sandwich.

Favorite game: Hide and Seek

Random facts:

  • He likes elevator music
  • He has a pet rock
  • He's helped organize the Underwater Party, even though it resulted in half the island sinking, and the Halloween Party in 2013, even though he ordered cursed candy
  • He helped open the Club Penguin University in July 2013
Typical Parties- April Fools Party, mini-parties

Credit for Information: Disney Interactive
Sensei is a powerful ninja who mentors his students in the ancient art of Card-Jitsu. He trains them so that they may master the elements of Fire, Water, and Snow at the Dojo.

Favorite snack: Sushi

Favorite game: Card-Jitsu

Random facts:

  • He is rumored to have many powers including invisibility and control over the elements
  • He is said to be the oldest of all penguins on the island
  • His once friend Tusk, has become his greatest enemy, and threatens all ninjas
  • He really likes to talk in Haiku Poem form, and he likes writing Haikus! 

Typical Parties- Ninja Parties, whenever a new Card Jitsu game is coming out, mini-parties like Haiku Day.

Credits for Information: Disney Interactive

Herbert was stranded on Club Penguin while looking for a warm place to live. He's grumpy, selfish, and unexpectedly, a vegetarian. He hates snow, noise, and penguins and often comes up with complex plans to thwart all three. He is the island's most notorious villain and his trusty sidekick, Klutzy the Crab, never leaves his side.

Full Name:  Herbert Percival Bear, Equire

Favorite snack: Seaweed Pizza

Random facts:

  • He can't swim
  • He successfully destroyed the PSA with the Popcorn Device
  • He's actually quite the snazzy dancer
Typical Parties- Operation Blackout, Operation Puffle, EPF involved (most of the time & anything with Herbert involved).

Credits for Information: Disney Interactive

Typical Parties: Appeared in the Puffle Party 2015 Party
Extra: He's usually found wandering the island during the end of 2014- early 2015. He can be found in the Puffle Wilds from time to time sitting with the wild puffles.

Random Facts:

  • It is said that Billybob actually gave this creature a Beta Hat during the launch of Club Penguin
  • He really loves fish!
  • He lives in the wild
  • He is a meetable character and is kind when you get to know him


Dot [The Disguise Gal/The Design Gal]:

Dot is an EPF agent by night and fashion designer by day. Never one to lose her cool, she's prepared for anything that involves stealth and style. In a pinch, she'll whip up an awesome disguise with her elite designing skills.  

Typical Parties: Fashion Festival, anything EPF related.
Extra: She's usually found in EPF related type things. She usually is in EPF messages and from time to time, the Club Penguin Times.

Where you might find her: Dot loves to check out the styles at the Clothes Shop and Dance Club. But if she's in disguise, you won't even know she's there!

Favorite snack: Tuna Surprise

Favorite game: Hide and Seek

Why you should meet her: To learn about the coolest styles for secret agent guys and gals!

Where you might find her: Dot loves to check out the styles at the Clothes Shop and Dance Club. But if she's in disguise, you won't even know she's there!

Random facts:
  • She created the "Klutzy" disguise so agents could infiltrate Herbert's Hideout in Operation Blackout
  • She saved former PSA agents from a popcorn explosion in the mission "Veggie Villain"
  • She likes to create low-tech disguises
  • She really loves clothes, fashion and design. She is great a disguising her self in any situation.
  • Dot it really a stealthy gal!
  • Dot loves designing her very own fashionable fashions!
  • Dot revamped her look for the Penguin Public to see. On the left is her EPF look and on the right is her 'Public" look.


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