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After 6 Years, CPI News+ is Closing Down

It has been a tough couple of months for not only this blog, but other CPI blogs as well. Many blogs that were up before CP closed, have since been disappearing. The reason for that is quite simple, people don't need help like they once did. CPI is a game that doesn't need much help from other people, it's quite evident if you just play the game for the first time. Which is the case for many mobile games and it's okay. The game is very different from classic Club Penguin, thus causing a troublesome blogging format for many bloggers.

These problems have been gnawing at me for a while now. I thought long and hard about not only my life, but the future of blogging for CPI, that is when I decided that we should no longer keep going. I don't have the passion any longer to keep up the website. I'm getting older and so is everyone else who works for this website. What's the point of keeping up a site when no one cares any longer about your content? It's not anyone's fault, we have just evolved into a new era of Club Penguin. One that doesn't involve blogging about Club Penguin Island.

It was tough for me to make this decision. My life has been dedicated to this website for YEARS and I was truly happy to be able to blog for everyone during the time period. We made thousands of posts on this blog which resulted countless hours of making sure we could provide the best of the best when it came to CP news. It all led up to 1 million views, which is something every member here at CPI News+ was proud of. That was the main goal after all.

But, we believe it is time. We have to say goodbye and our authors on the website wanted to say their last words before we signed off. Take a look:

Lenny Thai- Co-Owner of CPI News+

I remember working for a blog short term, just wanting to do what everyone else was doing at the time, circa 2010. I joined the Club Penguin community in May of 2010, which makes it nearly 7 years and 3 months in this adventure, me harteys! Joining TKCPC (yes, now known as CPINews+) in January 27, 2013, was my longest commitment to a blog devoted to Club Penguin guides and "hacks". This makes it 4 years of working with Kingboo 8884, who has been a good friend that'll I'll never meet (sadly)! I started out as simply an author. Posting bugs, glitches, and so on. Got inspired from Trainman1405's bug site! Eventually, Kingboo 8884 saw something in my to join him as co-owner of TKCPC. So all that is history. Now to recent events. Things went on smoothly, the site was growing and changing (visually and audience wise too!). I am more known as the co-owner, who helps Kingboo 8884, and posts bugs and a short weekly post series known as "Merchandise Mondays". Fun fact, I came up with Merchandise Mondays while doing the laundry! Ha-ha! Everything stayed the same, and we eventually hit ONE MILLION views in early 2017. (What a great way to start the new year!) Things started to slow down however for us in 2017. With the release of Club Penguin Island, there started to be less and fewer things to post. I have continued to lose interest in the waddling world. I'll always remember the site I co-owned as TKCPC, not CPINews+. Simply because TKCPC was the prime our days. Not CPINews+. Best wishes, and see you around!!

Surge- Editor of CPI News+

I'm proud to have worked with such a great site. For years I'd wanted to do two things; Become more recognized within the Club Penguin community and get out better information for obtaining the hardest stamps in Club Penguin classic. CPIN, which was TKCP at the time before I moved to editor, gave me a platform to do both. I'm not sure if my teammates can say the same, but I intend to play CPI for many years to come. Hopefully I'll even be an employee of the game one day. So while I might not have a website to call home now, I do have CPI to call home. Thank you all for visiting CPIN and I'll see you around.

Chilly573- Author at CPI News+

I may have departed from CPI News+ a few days ago, but since the site is closing down, I had to leave one final message. Thanks to everyone who viewed CPI News+ recently and back when we were TKCPC. I think I speak for everyone on the team when I say we appreciate you coming to read our blog. Whether they were updates, daily themed posts or something else entirely, it's been an honor to have you visiting us for all these years.

Quester- Author at CPI News+

It's been great writing the Daily Challenges for you all on here, I loved giving you all assistance on them. It was always a dream of mine to work on this blog, and I worked hard to achieve a spot on the Team. My advice, never give up on your dreams, one day you will achieve your goals, and you'll be proud of yourself for doing so. Until next time, Waddle On!

What a ride it has been, and I thank every person who has viewed this website. YOU are the reason the website was up for 6 phenomenal years. The core of this website was TKCPC, as it was once known, and if it wasn't for Trexman 3, this website would have NEVER happened. And it changed my life forever.

What about me, you might be asking yourself, as for me, I will be on Twitter for a while. I am not sure what I should do with my account. I have so many other passions, wether it's sports or video games. But put it this way, you're going to get to know me a LOT better soon.

For the final time, I'd like to thank everyone for making this site an incredible experience. Especially the ones who worked with me along the way to make this site successful, words cannot describe the impact this website has had on me personally.

I want to give people who are older that still play CPI and/or blog about the game a tip. Remember that there are more important things in life than a game and if an opportunity comes up to do something, take it, don't let a game get in the away of anything.

For those who are younger, Club Penguin Island will teach you some great skills, if you use it properly. Take those skills and apply it to the real world, I assure you that your life will change, even if you don't know it.

And finally, I wish Club Penguin Island good luck, I will continue to check in and see how the game is doing. Personally, I have my doubts for the game, but I hope Disney proves me wrong. I hope the community thrives and gets larger. I will never forget this community, through the good and bad times we've had collectively, it is still one of the greatest communities out there.

For the last time... thank you and waddle on everybody!

-King Boo8884 Owner/Founder of CPI News+/TKCPC


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