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NOW HIRING: Daily Bloggers on CPI News+

If you haven't noticed, we've been quiet lately. It's been a difficult time here at CPI News+, but we don't want that to stop our goal of helping every player we can on Club Penguin Island. Many of you have asked, "Can I work at CPI News+?", and my answer has always been, no we are not hiring right now. Until today. Because today, we are opening up an application for all to have a chance to work for CPI News +!

If you love Club Penguin Island and would like to blog about it, now is your chance. Below you must complete the full application in order to be in the running for a position at CPI News+.

We are looking for daily bloggers. It is key that you are able to post daily, because our website needs someone who can be reliable for those who need help or need to catch up on CPI news.

SO, what are you waiting for!?

Good luck to everyone who applies, we will review your applications ASAP!

-The Entire CPI News+ Team

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