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Free Comic Book Day!

The newest post on the Club Penguin Island blog is all about comics! As today is Free Comic Book Day. Megg shares the team's latest comic to us and gives us some tips on how to create our own comics...

Hi, penguins!

It’s FREE COMIC DAY! To celebrate, Amanda (one of our penguin artists) made her own comic.

We LOVE comics! The team wanted to share a few tips about how to make your very own.

  1. What’s your idea? Figure out the story you want to tell. 
  2. Who are your characters? (If you need ideas for how to develop characters, just wait for the upcoming Dev Diaries!)
  3. How are you going to show your story in comic layout? Sketch it out in a really rough way! (Don’t forget to draw the speech bubbles.) 
  4. Draw your comic! Make sure to use light lines so you can edit and revise. 
  5. When you’re happy with the look, ink, and color it! 
  6. Of course, if you want, share it with your friends and family. 

Leave your comic-making tips in the comments!

Are you going to make your own comics? Leave a comment below if you plan to!


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