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CPI Blog: Happy Drawing Day!

There is a neat new video post out on the Club Penguin Island Blog right now about drawing. Since a few days ago was Drawing Day, Club Penguin decided to show us a video of drawing a penguin. It's a neat timelapse by one of the members of the CPI team and is worth a look at!
Hey, penguin family!

HAPPY DRAWING DAY! We know tons of you are artists, so we’re celebrating you today. It takes lots of practice to get drawings just right and the Club Penguin Island art team wanted to pass on their encouragement to all of you who draw. Never give up!

Amanda, one of our talented artists, did a quick time-lapse of a penguin drawing for you—we hope it inspires you.


We want to hear from you about the things you like to draw. Also, in the comments, let us know other time-lapse videos you’d like to see.

A great video!

Happy Drawing Day everyone and remember to draw in this day!

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