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Club Penguin Island May Update: 1.3!

Hey, Penguins!

A brand new update of Club Penguin Island was released earlier this week, and it includes the release of a brand new zone! Mount Blizzard! This is there 1.3 update, and the noteworthy additions include:

  1. New Zone: Mount Blizzard
  2. New Interactive Kits Added: Camera, Gary's Multitool, and Mountain First Aid Kit
  3. New levels added (16,17,18)
  4. Sled Racing released for members
  5. General bug and glitches fixes
  6. Optimization of features as well!

Here are some epic photos of the zone via the awesome ski lift chair ride!

I don't want to spoil everything to Mt. Blizzard, so make sure to go and explore around! This zone is quite large and impressive! Leave a comment on your thoughts of the May update!


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