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Club Penguin Island Daily Challenges: May 3, 2017

Today we have a set of 4 different Daily Challenges to complete on Club Penguin Island.

Before we start, here's how Daily Challenges work. There are 4 total challenges you can complete per day. Everyday at 12 AM PST there is a refreshed set of challenges available. Two challenges go toward your red star reward (Rockhopper) and 2 go towards the green star (Aunt Arctic). One of the four challenges will be a community one where you'll have to save two or more penguins participate.

A Fine Line

Head to the Cove.

At the very back of the Cove, you'll see a zipline. Take that zipline and it will get you to the middle dock.


Just login to a busy server, and you'll get this no problem.

It's a Coin Walk

Head to the Boardwalk and server for all 10 coins!

Hot Heat

Head to the Boardwalk.

Go to the hot spring and just sit in 3 different spots.

Some easy challenges today!

Comment below if you completed them or not.

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