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Club Penguin Island Daily Challenges: May 2, 2017

Today we have a set of 4 different Daily Challenges to complete on Club Penguin Island.

Before we start, here's how Daily Challenges work. There are 4 total challenges you can complete per day. Everyday at 12 AM PST there is a refreshed set of challenges available. Two challenges go toward your red star reward (Rockhopper) and 2 go towards the green star (Aunt Arctic). One of the four challenges will be a community one where you'll have to save two or more penguins participate.

See the Sea Signs

Head to the Sea Caves.

Anytime you see this arrow with the name of the room above it, those are the signs you're suppose to look for.

Sharp Incline

Go to the Cove.

All you need to do is stand on top. 

What Goes Up

Head to the Boardwalk and spring up onto the Lighthouse.

Now hop on your tube and let it slide off the Lighthouse.

Deep Tree Dive

Head to the bottom of the Sea Caves.

This is difficult, but get 5 penguins to dress into tree costumes and you'll earn the reward

Some difficult Daily Challenges today, but if you follow our guide, hopefully you'll be able to complete them in time for tomorrow's Daily Challenges!

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