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Rockhopper's Adventures- Chapter 1, Episode 2

There are two different adventures you can take, currently, on Club Penguin Island. There is Rockhopper's Adventures and Aunt Arctic's Adventures. Today, we will be diving into Rockhopper's Adventures and this guide will help you complete Episode 2 of Rockhopper's Adventures.

The first thing you'll want to do to is head over to Rockhopper to start your adventure!

Select the 2nd Episode:

Listen to Rockhopper while he speak to you.

He'll tell you to create a pirate like outfit, so go to the Shop and customize the Pirate Bandana. Put it on afterwards.

Head back to Rockhopper afterwards.

He'll then tell you to clean up the pile of junk. Go to the end of the Migrator and grab the bag,.

Now while using the mop, go to each pile of junk and clean it up with the mop!

You'll see a strange drawing while cleaning the last pile of junk. Collect it.

Rockhopper will talk about this drawing and will ask you to visit Aunt Arctic for more information.

 Now go see Aunt Arctic and she'll show you that it's upside down.

The next part is to head to the Cove and go over to the Waterfall.

Do the sad face emoji at the Waterfall.

A little emoji statue will popup and tell you to go right. Follow it.

You'll follow it to the straight face emoji one. Follow the direction it gives you next.

Use the smile emoji and you'll be directed to the next statue.

This is the final statue, use the happy emoji to activate it.

You will get your treasure with this last emoji!

Head back to Rockhopper to show him what you got.

Rockhopper will tell you about the book about the ghost of Shellbeard.

The ghost will appear! Rockhopper attempts to get some advice from him, but he will vanish.

Once that happens Rockhopper will say that we are a step closer to finding more treasures.

Once you complete it, you'll get some new items!

Congrats on completing Episode 2 of Rockhopper's Adventures!

Was that easier or harder than the last one? Tell us in the comments below what you thought about it!

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