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Rockhopper's Adventures- Chapter 1, Episode 1

There are two different adventures you can take, currently, on Club Penguin Island. There is Rockhopper's Adventures and Aunt Arctic's Adventures. Today, we will be diving into Rockhopper's Adventures and this guide will help you complete Episode 1 of Rockhopper's Adventures.

The first thing you'll want to do to is head over to Rockhopper to start your adventure!

You will want to go to the Fishing Rods which is located not too far from the migrator.

You'll pull up some seaweed, which is not what Rockhopper wants. So, you'll need to find 3 crates in order to get the Gum ball for your fishing rod.

The 1st crate will be located at the Boardwalk.

Second one at the Cove.

The final one is at the Sea Caves. 

You'll be able to get the chewed gum for your Fishing Rod!

 Now, head back to the fishing post and fish for the bottle one more time!

You will get the bottle this time and now you'll have to return back to Rockhopper.

Follow the arrow back to Rockhopper.

Rockhopper will tell you that a map must be completed in order to find the treasure. This should come up:

Here's what the map should look like:

Now follow the map until you get to the X. That will be next to the rusty anchor.

Once you get there, take out your jack hammer, and start drilling!

Netx you take the treasure back to Rockhopper so he can see it.

You'll find out it was a portrait of himself! This was a simple test to see how well you can do.

The first episode is just an intro Episode into the rest of Rockhopper's adventures.

We'll have more guides for you soon!

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