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Rockhopper's Adventures: Chapter 1, Episode 8

There are two different adventures you can take, currently, on Club Penguin Island. There is Rockhopper's Adventures and Aunt Arctic's Adventures. Today, we will be diving into Rockhopper's Adventures and this guide will help you complete Episode 8 of Rockhopper's Adventures.

The first thing you'll want to do to is head over to Rockhopper to start your adventure!

Select "Episode 8" when you walk up to Rockhopper.

Rockhopper will ask you to visit Aunt Arctic about a book worm.

Get onto the zipline, located at the Cove, to get to her book.

Collect the book once you get there.

Then get on the airbag and jump on it 3 times.

The book worm will then pop out.

Rockhopper will also ask fro a squid's ink, head to the fishing post, and fish up a squid!

Collect it once you get it.

Head back to Rockhopper.

He'll give you some sails to do some copying!

Here's what you'll need to do to copy the plaques left from the last Episode.

Get your mop and put some ink down.

Place the sail on it.

Then jump on it 3 times.

Repeat those steps about 2 MORE times, at the other 3 locations.

Once you're done, head back to Rockhopper.

He'll tell you he has no idea what they mean.

And that will be all! Here are your prizes:

A squid blueprint!

Coins and XP as well.

This is a longer adventure today, so make sure you have some time in order to complete it!

What do these plaques mean? Find out soon in the next Episode!

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