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Rockhopper's Adventures: Chapter 1, Episode 10 (Final Episode)

There are two different adventures you can take, currently, on Club Penguin Island. There is Rockhopper's Adventures and Aunt Arctic's Adventures. Today, we will be diving into Rockhopper's Adventures and this guide will help you complete Episode 10 (the final adventure in Chapter 1) of Rockhopper's Adventures.

The first thing you'll want to do to is head over to Rockhopper to start your adventure!

Select "Episode 10" when you walk up to Rockhopper.

Head back to the Cove's ruins, where you left off in the last Episode.

Once you put the pearl in, a whole new portion of the island will open up.

Rockhopper will get so excited, and in the process, he'll touch the purple gem. Which, ends up being a HUGE mistake. Because, the Shellbeard will pop out and Rockhopper will now be stuck in the gem.

To defeat him, you must grab the sword located on the little island.

Use the sword to defeat the Treasure Chests.

Now use to to defeat two more!

Then you'll need to destroy 3 of them before actually getting to Shellbeard.

Once you do that, you'll need to know Shellbeard into the gem so he touches it. However, don't use your sword! It doesn't work.

Get onto the zipline.

Head to the cannon and press the exclamation mark. This will cause a pearl to hit Shellbeard and he'll hit the gem!

Rockhopper will pop out and he'll begin to talk to you!

Now you can open the chest.

This reward is called The Bottle of Fair Winds.

Rockhopper says it will be used for more adventures!

He'll say his final goodbye as this concludes Chapter 1 of Rockhopper's Adventures.

Here's your final reward for the chapter:

Two new blueprints.

6 new emojis.

You'll get 50 coins and 160 XP as well.

Wow, what a chapter! Club Penguin did an incredible job with Rockhopper's Adventures. I was really impressed with the interaction throughout the entire adventure, it had a true storyline which made it even better.

What did you think of Rockhopper's Adventures? We'll be getting a whole new chapter soon!

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