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Rockhopper's Adventures: Chapter 1, Episode 7

There are two different adventures you can take, currently, on Club Penguin Island. There is Rockhopper's Adventures and Aunt Arctic's Adventures. Today, we will be diving into Rockhopper's Adventures and this guide will help you complete Episode 7 of Rockhopper's Adventures.

The first thing you'll want to do to is head over to Rockhopper to start your adventure!

Select "Episode 7" when you walk up to Rockhopper.

You'll see Rockhopper will give you a map and you'll need to match the carving up on the map.

Here's what it should look like:

So, you'll need to visit three different places now. Head to where the Jawbone is and use the jackhammer.

This emoji machine will show up, now what you have to do, is flip the switch until it matches this emoji face below.

You'll get a plaque afterwards.

You will now have to dig up the next one.

Flip the switches until you get the emoji below:

You'l get enough plaque afterwards as well.

The final X is at the little island in the beach area.

Again, flip the switches until you get to this emoji face.

You'll be awarded the final plaque.

That will be all! You'll get your prizes after.

A new blueprint:

Near gear:

Some coins and XP.

A short adventure, but you'll find out soon it is an important one! What did you think of this adventure? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

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