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The 5th Annual Penguin Talent Awards

It's time for the largest event of the Club Penguin Community. Last year, we saw over 27,000 votes casted, just proving how big this event is. This event is both fun and something that actually means something to the community. The reason TKCPC does this event every year is to recognize everyone who has worked so hard in the community. We have 120 nominees this year with 12 categories. A big change for this year is that we have 10 people in each category instead of 12 in the previous years. Also, we have got rid of and added new categories. New categories like best Club Penguin Community Event and Best Spanish Blog recognize even bigger groups inside this deep community we have.

The Penguin Talent Awards has always had 3 rounds to the awards. Each round there will be 3 people eliminated until the final round when we come down to the final 4. Below is the full breakdown of how each around will look and when they are:
- Voting is now over! Thank you for participating in this year's 5th annual Penguin Talent Awards! -

How it Works:
Round 1: June 4th-June 12th- ENDED
The 3 with the LEAST amount of votes at the end of this round get eliminated.

Round 2: June 12th-June 19th- ENDED
The 3 with the LEAST amount of votes at the end of this round get eliminated. 

Round 3: June 19th-June 27th- ENDED
The final 4 are left and the one with the MOST votes in his or her's category is champion of their category and the awards end on June 27th.


For the 5th year now we have brought the Club Penguin Community this great event. I realize that we have had troubles with voting, I promise we will try and make the polls secure enough so no one can cheat. That is our goal for next year. Beside the fact, every year this award show seems to grow more and more. This year is the biggest we've ever seen it.

With all that said, we congratulate everyone who was in the award show this year. We thank you for participating and having fun with this event. We also want to congratulate all 11 winners for their accomplishments in the last year. For the first time ever, we DO NOT have a repeat winner from last year. However, we do have someone who won twice this year for Best Blog and Best Blogger which has never been done before either. Every single person who won deserved it and I mean that. So, without further ado, here are the 2016 Penguin Talent Award champions!

Video Reveal:


I'd like to give a very special thanks to the ENTIRE TKCPC Team for all their hard work during the year. Also, Lenny Thai and BabyMario DS did an incredible job helping pick nominees for this year's event. FlippyCP, Penguin Talent Awards Champion, did such a superb job with the video revealing the winners of this year's event, I can't thank him enough either!


  1. Hopefully I win as "Most Creative". Good luck to everyone else! :D

  2. Man I wish i was in TKC, maybe next years who knows.

  3. Wish I could have been nominated, maybe next year.

    1. Every May there is a time to submit your name to be in it! Watch out for it next year. :)

  4. Replies
    1. There's always next you, just remember there is a portion in May where you can submit yourself to be in the awards!

  5. Honored to be in the running for best blogger :)


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