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How to Get a Membership

Today, I'm going to teach you all how to activate a membership on Club Penguin. It's pretty simple, however at your local grocery store or drug store you have to buy a membership card. With that 
membership card is a pin. That pin will let you unlock a membership to be member on Club Penguin. 

First, you must enter your penguin's user and password. With that, I had the penguin saved, so I didn't have to enter the password.
Now, if you already pay for a membership with your parents debit or credit card you can't buy a membership card and us it on your account, it just won't let you. So, if  your not paying with a card you'll get on to the point where you have to enter the pin from the membership. You must scratch off the  the part where the pin is the type it in/view it.

After you've entered this code, you'll get a "Thanks for redeeming your code!" phrase and you can know enjoy your membership in your account to access everything!

See, that as easy! Parents can also get online to check on their child's account to see what they are doing and cancel the membership at anytime. If you have any trouble accessing your membership contact Club Penguin at Also, you can comment below and I also can help you or submit your quest to Club Penguin. What did you think? Leave a comment below!


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