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How to Earn Stamps

Today, I'm going to teach you how to earn stamps. It's pretty easy for the most part and stamps are really fun to collect. With these stamps with can put them on your stamp book (if you are a member) and you can get them by playing games, doing special dances or actives, and tons of others things. Below is the full guide on how to earn stamps and where they are on your penguin's account.

1. What you have to do first is click on your penguin's player card and click the stamp book button.

2. After that, a stamp book will pop up. If you are a member, you can earn the stamps and pins to add them to the cover of your stamp book. If you are NOT a member, you can NOT decorate your stamp book.

3. Now, this is how your earn your stamps and pins.

  • Stamps:

To earn stamps you can play games such as cart surfing, treasure hunt,Card Jitsu, Pizzatron 3000, etc.

You can also do activities like get 99 item your your igloo (ONLY if you are a member), go to 30 different rooms, met a mascot that's in a room,  etc.

  • Pins:

To get pins, all you have to do is waddle over to pin and click "yes" to accept it in your penguin's inventory, plus stamp book.

That's how you earn your stamps on Club Penguin! Hoped you enjoyed this guide and there are many more that you can click out on the sidebar of TKCPC. What did you think of this guide? Leave a comment below!

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