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How to Create a Penguin

Are you new to Club Penguin? Forgot how to create a penguin on Club Penguin? Or do not know how to use the new 'Make a Penguin' system? Well, you came to the perfect place, because this guide will help you through the new system quickly and easily. 

First, you must go to of course, and click "Play Now". After that, you will go to Club Penguin's login screen. You will now click "Create Penguin".
2. Now you will be able to create the penguin you want. First you have to create the name for the penguin. Second, choose the color you want. Third create a password to your liking. And finally enter your email (if you don't have an email, use your parent's email).
3. It will ask you to check your parent email, so you can click the link provided on that mail (it may take a few minutes to be sent).
If you login to Club Penguin you will get this message about activating your account. You have a week to do so.
This is the message you will get when you go to your email. Click "Activate Penguin" to make your penguin active.
4. You will now activate your account by choosing Standard Safe Chat OR Ultimate Safe Chat. In the Standard Safe Chat you get to say anything you want. The Ultimate Safe Chat you only can choose from a set of phrases. You also have to choose of getting updates and emails from Club Penguin.
5. Now, if you don't have a membership you have to click "Limited Play". If you have a membership you have to click "Unlimited Play" and plug in your membership code.
6. Once you login to Club Penguin a Tour Guide will help you access the map, games, catalogs, your igloo, and a lot more.
Congratulations, you have successfully have a penguin account on Club Penguin! Now that you are a penguin, what will you do? You can also buy a membership to access everything on Club Penguin. If you do not know how to get a membership, click HERE to learn how to be a member.

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